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Programme of Meetings: Announcements & Minutes 2003-2005

Organiser: Sabine McNeill
Convenor: Lord Sudeley FSA
Host: Lord Ahmed
Chairman: Donald Martin
Vice Chairman: Austin Mitchell MP
Minute Secretary: Canon Peter Challen
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GENERAL INFORMATION: Compounding Interest over Time: When compounding interest upon interest, growth is exponential: for profits and for debts. Any exponential growth is unnatural and unsustainable. 97% of money in circulation is created as interest bearing debt.

OUR CONTEXT: "The Parliamentary Process needs to make certain that the Money Supply ensures its Value " The Rt. Hon Lord Caithness. Money should be the servant not the master of humanity. Banks' abilities to create money out of nothing must be curtailed. Personal responsibility needs to be maximised.

- a voluntary Initiative of Parliamentarians and Concerned Citizens across the full political spectrum and from all religious persuasions - has been hosting debates between analysts of monetary reform, victims of banks and institutions and promoters of LETS and Barter Companies since 1998. Programmes have been distributed to both Houses of Parliament in the hope that the topics debated become part of the political agenda, especially as the EURO challenges the sovereignty to issue national currency. Since 1967, notes and coins (MO), the share of the total money supply (M4) issued by Governments free of interest has gone down from 31 % to 3%, i.e. virtually all money is created by banks with a near monopoly.

Wed 7th Sep 2005 Aubrey Meyer The links between our monetary system and climate change
Wed 16th June 2004 Judith Hunt Free Mutually Created Money for Sole Traders and Small Companies
Thu 6th May 2004 Stephen Zarlenga The Significance of Publicly Created Money (EDM
Wed 24th March 04 Lawrence Bloom - Pat Conaty -Simon Ranger
Integrating Money, Finance & Banking: from Theory to Practice
Wed 25/2/2004 Peter Challen, James Gibb Stuart and Alistair McConnachie Winning the support of MPs - for the Benefits of the Electorate:- see also Lord Sudely on EDM 323
Wed 14/1/2004 John Bunzl, Brian Wills, Francis Irving Citizen's Diplomacy
Tue 25/11/2003 John Courtneidge, Richard Murphy, Richard Greaves Future Action - Planning the next Early Day Motion
Wed 12/11/2003 Loretta Napoleoni MODERN JIHAD: Tracing the Dollars behind the Terror Networks
22/10/2003 Tarek El Diwani and others Islamic Alternatives to Interest-Based Banking and Finance
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Organiser: Sabine McNeill (020) 73283701- 21a Goldhurst Terrace London NW6 3HB -